Sunday, October 09, 2005

Another hectic week, but progress on the knitting front

So another hectic week draws to a close. Why do the weekends go so quickly?

Work still manic, but had a great end to the working week by meeting up with Kerrie for lunch on Friday.

Seriously, she is amazing. Not only does she work full time and have 2 kids, but she also finds time to run Hip Knits and Magknits. I'm exhausted just thinking about her workload.

Not only did Kerrie bring me some luscious silk I custom ordered, but she gave me for my birthday the most beautiful hank of cashmere. I was lost for words. Beautiful soft shades of greens and reds, lovely autumnal colours, and so ME. The silk is also in autumnal colours. I have almost a kilo, some of which is destined to become a Clapotis for my sister in law Deb, but the rest is for ME ME ME.

The only downside is that I am such a ditherer about yarn. I'm terrible at deciding what to do with it, if it's yarn I've bought (or been given) without a specific project in mind. The cashmere cries out to be a shawl. I'm thinking Birch, or Kiri at the moment. Having already made myself a Clapotis in the silk, I'd really like to knit a garment with this batch. Currently it's whispering "cables" to me. Maybe the Anniversary sweater from Knitty??

I will post pictures soon so you can all have a drool.

I got back to the office to find I'd been gone for 2 hours! The time flew by. It was so great to meet Kerrie, and to have a good old natter with another knitter (I like the way that bit sounds)

Only 6 days to go to the Knitting & Stitching Show. I discovered yesterday I'd missed the deadline for ordering my ticket in advance - by one day. Crap. Consequently, I dreamed last night that I arrived to find a humungous queue, which meant I was late for meeting the girls from Knitty. For someone who has a pathological fear of being late for anything this rates as a nightmare in my book. Now I'm thinking I'd better get there by about 9 (the doors don't open til 10) just to make sure.....

Angela from the Knitty board ordered some kid mohair fleece during the week, so I spent a few hours yesterday cleaning up a couple of kilos. Picking out bits of hay, straw, miscellaneous vegetation, and the occasional poo is an odd way to pass the time, I'll admit, but I was quite happy sitting there picking it over and dreaming of when the huge number of sacks of fleece around me have been processed into luscious hanks of kid mohair yarn. I do like selling fleece to spinners though. I love the thought of the raw product being magically transformed by hand.

Major progress to report on the knitting front for a change. The cashmere socks are finished. They fit perfectly. They are beautiful, they are soft and snuggly. And out of the 100g I bought, I reckon I have at least 70g left. Result! I'm thinking a nice lacy scarf for that.

Klaralund is off the needles, and now just needs washing, blocking, then the dreaded sewing up. And Penryn is whizzing along. Cast on the back at 9 pm on Friday, knitted for about an hour. Finished it yesterday evening while watching "The Cider House Rules". What a great film.

Started the front this afternoon, while I spent a couple of hours watching "Downfall". Another great film. Hitler was clearly completely bonkers by the end. Why the hell didn't someone just shoot the bugger?

Right, there's a Gressingham duck roasting away in the oven which needs my attention......


Blogger Iris said...

You know, the same happened to me with the tickets for the Ally Pally show, and now I'm worried that I will have to wait for hours to get in! You would think that they would let you at least reservet tickets and then pick them up from some kind of separate reserved tickets desk, but apparently not...

9:14 am  
Blogger PURLPOWER said...

wow such progress! You have been busy. Thanks for offering to take some pics at Ally Pally for me, I'm really looking forward to hearing everyone's reviews of the show.

1:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm interested in buying some kid mohair, could you emial me?

3:02 pm  
Blogger PURLPOWER said...

ooh, forgot to say that making birch (or kiri) would be a brilliant way to use Kerrie's cashmere. The yardage on it is really amazing, I only used about half of what she sent me.

I am definitely going to use the other batch of cashmere I had off Kerrie to this end. Not right now though, I'm in serious need of some instant gratification - bring me my 12mm needles!

7:51 pm  

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