Sunday, March 05, 2006

More weather like this please

Today is a beautiful day. One of those late winter days when you really start to feel as though spring might be just around the corner. It's sunny and warm. The snowdrops and primroses are in full bloom. The lilac and the honeysuckle are in bud and the geraniums are just starting to poke their heads above the soil.

We've opened up the big shutter doors on the barns and the sun is streaming in. The kids are all lolling about basking in the sun's warmth.

It's been a pretty good weekend so far. I got round to taking photos of the finished Malabrigo scarf

I added a few random stripes of Cognac to the Pagoda my SP sent me and knitted a 4x4 rib on 5.5mm addis until I ran out of the Pagoda. It's just as snuggly as I thought it would be and I've been wearing it since it came off the needles (I really ought to wash it as it has that faint vinegary pong you get with this yarn). I love it. Thank you SP!!!!

I'm making what I think I can call "steady" progress on the Aran Pullover

This is one and two thirds pattern repeats into the back. So far, it looks like the photo in the pattern! The chart scared me a lot to begin with as it looked horribly complicated (there are six different types of cable stitch), but once I wrote each row out I felt a bit better and it is turning out to be a very logical knit. I do think though that this project proves charts and I are not meant to be. I am referring to the chart now and again, but I really need words rather than pictures and I feel much safer with having each row written on a separate page of my little notebook. The yarn (Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed) is a much darker green than this picture indicates and is nice and soft. So far so good. For one insane moment I considered doing this as my Olympics project - until the words NO and CHANCE sprang to mind. Just as well, since the above is progress after 4 evenings of knitting.

Talking of the Olympics, some of you foolishly requested a modelled shot of the Olympics Sweater so here you go

Apologies for the crap photo but I had to drag Eddie away from the rugby to get him to take this and he clearly wasn't in the mood for making me look my best. Incidentally, I did ask him to take a shot including my head as, believe it or not, I don't actually have a problem per se with my face being on the internet. After all half of the people who read this already know what I look like; I really don't think I have to worry about the rest of you on seeing my visage deciding to become my stalker; and I could care less about people I know professionally or otherwise recognising me. Apart from anything else, I actually know very few people.

No, the reason I don't put photos on here which include my face is simple. In every photo I have seen of me since I turned 18 I look like a cross between a 12 year old boy and my mother. When I happen to know that the reality is that in real life I'm the spitting image of Cameron Diaz. This is also why there are remarkably few photos of me in existence.

So there you have it. Pure. Vanity.

Moving on....

Yesterday I attended the grand opening of Kerrie's new shop and managed to score the following:

500g of Malabrigo Handspun Bulky wool in Melilla, which I think will become Eve.

Schaeffer Yarn which is a merino, mohair, nylon mix which is currently shouting "SOCKS" at me, and a lovely skein of Hip Knits laceweight cashmere, which I would post a photo of if Blogger would let me, but it is currently refusing to co-operate. (Blogger seems to have an annoying habit of doing this - uploads numerous images without any problems, then takes offence at one and refuses to upload it).

Kerrie has done a great job on the the shop and I'm sure it will be a huge success. Well worth a visit if you are anywhere near it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job on the scarf. :) The Aran sweater looks good, too. Are you using the emerald shade of the Jo Sharp? I got a couple of balls of it in my stash, and it's such a lovely color.

~Your Secret Pal

1:52 am  
Blogger Sarah said...

Ohh, I do love that sweater.

The second yarn is definitely saying socks to me too. Go for it!

The aran is looking lovely too, gorgeous color!

7:15 pm  
Blogger Highland Annie said...

Mucho love on those cables !

Your email addy has hidden itself in the depths of my puter, any chance i can order another few kg of kiddie curls ? therye finished *whimpers*

10:44 pm  
Anonymous jess said...

Love the sock yarn you have bought - sounds like you had fun.

5:50 pm  
Anonymous Carolyn said...

Of course -- I've been trying to figure out which celeb you remind me of -- a dead ringer for Cameron Diaz! Though I think Eddie is much more attractive than Justin Timberlake. :-)

2:50 pm  
Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Wow, th scarf looks so fantastic, and so does the sweater - great job done!
Lucky you for having sunny weather and even being able to see blooming flowers - ahhh, heaven! Here we have a snowstorm going on which is almost a blizzard... :(
The yarn you bought for yourself is so beautiful, I can't wait to see what you're going to make with it!

7:08 am  
Blogger mf said...

Your Sweater came out ABSOLUTLEY GORGEOUS!! I LOVE the Anne yarn.. Makes GREAT socks! I think we've pretty much been having the same weather as you too...;o))

9:58 pm  

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