Sunday, October 16, 2005

A lovely week

What a lovely week it's been. The weather has been fabulous - sunny and warm. It's difficult to believe it's mid October. Work has eased off a bit so I don't feel anywhere near as stressed out (or knackered) as I have the last few weeks.

On Thursday night I went to a swanky awards dinner at The Dorchester, courtesy of Money Management, as I had been shortlisted for an award. And I won! £1,000 smackeroos - earmarked for some lovely new feed troughs for the goats, and a bit for yarn ;) Michael Jackson was apparently in residence, but didn't put in an appearance :)

On Friday I finally got to meet Carolyn, who I've been in touch with through the Knitty board. What a fabulously lovely lady. It was great to meet her at last. We had lunch and spent a very pleasant couple of hours chatting. And she brought this with her

as a birthday gift for me, which was so, so kind of her. Isn't it beautiful? It's wool roving from Pikku Finnsheep, which she got at the Knitting & Stitching show. It is unbelievably soft, and smells faintly of sheep - lovely!

While I'm on the subject of birthday gifts, here's the cashmere Kerrie gave me

Gorgeous isn't it? Aren't knitters generous?

Finally, Saturday came around and it was off to Ally Pally where I met up in the morning with Little My, Woollymind and Sis from the Knitty board. Also managed a brief chat with Holly, who was hard at work on the Knit Tin's stand.

What can I say about Ally Pally. It was just wonderful to see so much yarn. Such a treat for us Brits. I think that I was actually quite restrained in the circumstances, but I did treat myself to some beautiful Possum yarn from Touch Yarns of Australia. I also bought a great mohair/merino scarf kit from them, lots of undyed yarn of varying fibres from Texere Yarns and the Handweavers Studio for Kool Aid dyeing, some more Hip Knits silk, and a ball of Louisa Hardings "Impressions" which although it is 84% nylon is so, so soft.

I managed to spend some time in the morning doing a bit of research, in preparation for when we get our kid mohair processed into yarn. It was very interesting to see how popular mohair is, although most of what I saw was from outside of the UK (which is great!). It really got me fired up to get going on our yarn production.

Carolyn joined us in the afternoon, and we spent a couple more hours wandering around the show.

I was knackered by the time I got home, but it was soooo worth it. I hope everyone else who went had as good a time as I did!


Anonymous Jess said...

oh, I love mohair so much! I will be very interested when you produce some...

Glad you had a great time - and you got an award!

3:09 pm  
Blogger Tracy said...

I really had to tear myself away at 5.30. Our coach driver had given us extra time as he'd stopped for his breakfast on the way up! There's going to be some very stiff saving going on for next year so I can indulge even further ;)

3:10 pm  
Blogger cccavicch said...

Congratulations on your award! I'm glad to see that some new yarn is included on the list of things to buy with your winnings, not simply feed troughs for the goats. :-)


8:12 pm  
Anonymous Noo said...

Hi Carolyn! Just to let you know that your book went in the post today!


12:59 pm  

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