Friday, May 05, 2006

All is revealed

Now that SP6 is finished I can reveal the identities of my upstream and downstream SPs.

Gifting to me was the incredibly generous bryghtrose - she was the most fantastic Secret Pal. I enjoyed a host of regular emails, postcards etc from her, and her packages were incredibly thoughtful and stuffed with goodies. She will always have a special place in my heart as the person who gave me my first KnitPicks yarn :0. Really, I couldn't have asked for a better SP.

I was gifting to cpurl17 (and her fabulous cats;) ). She's a true Aspiring Crazy Cat Lady knitter, and she was great fun to gift to. She really entered into the spirit of it, and I'm so glad that now I can leave comments on her blog without worrying about giving myself away!

Thank you both, ladies, for making SP6 such a wonderfully enjoyable few months.



Blogger PURLPOWER said...

Nice to hear that you enjoyed the round too. I had a blast this time round and am definitely signed up for the next round too.

8:53 pm  
Anonymous Dee said...

Hi Carolyn

Hi there

I hope it's ok contacting you like this, but I couldn't see an email address to do so privately! I just wanted to let you know that we've added your website to our new links page. Have a great weekend!

Love, Dee

3:30 pm  
Anonymous jess said...

great that you had such good SP (to give to and to receive!)

6:50 pm  

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