Thursday, June 23, 2005

Catching Up

Life has been pretty hectic over the last couple of weeks, hence lack of blogging.

Tomorrow is the day we FINALLY move. We have been waiting for this day for the last 6 months - long months during which our landlady (aka "That BITCH woman from hell") has done her level best to make our lives a misery. I cannot believe it is only a year since we moved here. Thankfully, our old landlord had not re-let the farm we moved from last year, he had just let the house on a 1 year tenancy. He is delighted to have us back, and we will have 35 acres rather than the 7 acres we had before (the lack of land was the only reason we moved in the first place!).

Oh well, just another of life's little challenges I guess....

So, as the current tenants of the house don't move out for another few weeks, here is where we will be living in the interim...

Image hosted by

Ok, no laughing please. Yes, it is small, but beautifully formed. Seriously, it has everything we need, and provided it doesn't rain constantly for the next few weeks we'll be fine!

So, the animals are all ready to go. The goats and sheep will be collected by the livestock lorry tomorrow at 8 a.m. The goats (who will be travelling on the top deck) have promised not to wee on the sheep (who will be travelling on the bottom deck) too much. It's a good thing they are being loaded so early because it is HOT. The journey will only take about an hour and a half, so they should be fine.


Image hosted by

has washed and ironed his favourite bandana to wear on The Big Day.


Image hosted by

(whose alter ego is the super hero "The Brown Smear") has washed and packed his super hero cape and yellow bri nylon underpants. Ben is a bit concerned that Santa won't be able to find him this Christmas (I haven't the heart to tell him the new house hasn't got a chimney - Ben's a worrier)

Image hosted by

So, the house is in a complete mess, I've had no bed to sleep on for the last two nights. Half our belongings are here and half at the new house in a 40 foot container. Roll on tomorrow night!

In amongst trying to move house, and as if we didn't have enough to do, it was the British Angora Goat Society (BAGS) breed show last Saturday. This is the highlight of the breeders' year, and all the top breeders in the country show their goats at the breed society show. Oh, and us, our first year of showing. We were a tad nervous.

But, the sun shone, and Cobweb looked lovely...

Image hosted by

(Is it an angora goat or Cousin It??)

But wait, what's this?

Image hosted by

Do my eyes deceive me or is that Eddie and Cobweb AT THE TOP OF THE LINE UP???

Image hosted by

We won! We won! Cobweb won the Maiden Doe class (Cobweb's the middle one).

Somehow, while all this has been going on I've even managed to do some knitting. The sweater in Swamp from Hip Knits is knitting up beuatifully. I have the whole of next week off and plan to finish the sweater and hopefully knit my first pair of socks.

The only downside of the move is that while we are living in the caravan, and I'm not at work, we have NO internet access. Which means no daily Coffeeshop fix from tomorrow until 4th July!! How am I going to cope?


Blogger holly said...

They have got to be the cutest dogs ever :) Good luck!

3:25 pm  
Anonymous Heather said...

This is going to seem really random... but I'm the editor of my knitting guild's newsletter (from Toronto, Canada... in fact the Yarn Harlot is one of our members) and I've been looking for a picture of an angora goat for the cover of our next issue. Your picture of Cobweb is perfect! May I have your permission to use it? Please let me know--


10:44 pm  

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