Friday, November 03, 2006

Just in time

The sweater is finished.

Well, it needs washing and blocking. You can see how much yarn I had left over. That’s what I call cutting it fine!

It strikes me that this is not the most stylish garment I’ve ever knitted, but it is warm, and perfect for pulling on to walk the dogs on a cold winter’s day.

Talking of which

We’re having a wonderful spell of weather here – crisp frosty morning walks with the dogs, and glorious, sunny – but short – days.

So is it winter? Not according to the woods at the edge of our land.

(I love the way my shadow appears in these photos - I look like the Michelin Man!!)

Is it me, or is autumn very late this year? For trees still to be in full leaf at the beginning of November doesn’t seem right.

So, the needles are empty and I have to decide on the next project. The weather makes me want to rustle up a scarf and gloves, but I’m also itching to start on a new sweater I’ve been planning. Decisions, decisions…….

Oh, and I passed my exam :)


Anonymous cathy said...

Lovely sweater.
It's just started to hit freezing here, which is a little late in the year. Weather certainly is odd.
Congrats on the exam

6:35 pm  
Blogger cccavicch said...

OF COURSE you passed your exam, silly girl! We expected nothing less. Congratulations!!

The sweater looks great. You put me to shame with your sweater output. ;-)


9:56 pm  
Blogger Sarah said...

Yay for passing the exam!

(I knew you would!)

And the weather looks gorgeous! Mmmm. Fall is my favorite time of year I think.

Lovely sweater too.

6:58 pm  

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