Sunday, October 15, 2006


Blogging has had to take a back seat for the last couple of weeks as I’ve been studying for an exam, which I sit tomorrow :( (I really should be studying now rather than writing this!). Work has also been pretty manic again, though hopefully normality will return shortly.

No pics today as Eddie has taken the camera with him to France. He left this morning for a lunchtime flight. He’s going back to see the farm we saw in September, tomorrow morning, but taking a builder along with him this time as there are some nasty cracks in the walls we want checking out, and we also want to check whether our thoughts for renovating it are a) feasible and b) not too expensive. Tomorrow afternoon he’s going to see another farm for sale that we found advertised a couple of weeks ago, then on Tuesday morning an estate agent we visited last time is taking him to see a property they’ve just taken on. He flies home Tuesday afternoon. It would have been lovely to be able to go with him but my exam put paid to that, plus I’m needed here to man the farm.

The raglan sweater is coming on well, although I have to confess I put it aside last week. The body is done and I’m about a third of the way through one of the sleeves. I just got an attack of total boredom with it, so I’m knitting a quick cable scarf to give me a break from it.

Yesterday I went to the Knitting & Stitching show at Alexandra Palace. I’m sure there were a lot less people than last year, which made it easier to get round and see all the stands. I scored a couple of real bargains, and treated myself to some beautiful merino/silk/cashmere yarn with the money my parents sent me for my birthday. Pics will follow when the camera gets home.

On the farm front, the boys are enjoying their time with the ladies. The weather has been pretty good so, apart from the breeding groups, they’re all still going out during the day. The weather has been so mild that the grass is still growing so there’s still plenty for them to eat. How much longer this weather will continue I’m not sure, but for the moment every day’s a bonus.


Blogger cpurl17 said...

Good luck on your exam--I'm sure you'll do very well!

Can't wait to hear an update on the farm.

4:47 pm  
Blogger cccavicch said...

Glad to hear all is well -- I've been wondering what was up on your end. I hope you had a fun birthday, and a good time browsing around at Ally Pally.

Good luck with your exam -- I'm sure you'll ace it!


9:46 pm  
Blogger Kira said...

It was very nice to meet up with you at Ally Pally. So that was fewer people than last year?? I was amazed at how much busier it was than at Stitches West in February.

Good luck with the exam!

9:51 am  
Anonymous rose said...

Good luck with the exam.

Hopefully you will find the perfect farm.

4:50 pm  

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