Saturday, June 24, 2006

Do you ever feel

as though your life is spinning out of control?

Why is it sod's law that after a couple of months of work being really quiet, things should suddenly go mental at exactly the point at which you take time off?

With having had a fair bit of time off over the last few weeks to show the goats, each time I've returned to the office the mountain of work awaiting my return has steadily increased to the point where I haven't known what to attack first, as everything seems to need to be done urgently. I hate that. I love my job, but can't stand it when I feel as though every waking minute needs to be devoted to it.

Thankfully, by the end of yesterday I was finally starting to feel as though I was getting somewhere. Hopefully I'll be able to clear the decks next week before I take another week off to attend the Royal Show (our last show of the season).

We did very well at the Breed Society show at Three Counties. This was the major gathering of all the top breeders, which meant stiff competition and classes which took ages to be judged due to the huge number of goats entered. We came away with three thirds and a fourth - very good results for us as we are still very "minor league" and most of the classes had 25 - 30 entries. Smiley continues to attract a lot of interest from other breeders - so much so we were amazed to find that the jungle drums had been at work and people were virtually queueing up to get a look at him as we unloaded him from the trailer! He came third in his class - for the first time his size (slightly small for his age) let him down, the judge preferring size over beauty ;). We had more offers from breeders wanting to buy him, but he's staying here.

I'm still knitting socks. Three pairs completed so far, and a fourth about to be cast on. I made the mistake of deciding to knit a pair in worsted yarn during the heatwave - who would have thought knitting something so small could still be so hot?

Slip stitch rib knit on 3.5mm Addis (two circs method). worsted merino in Applewood. These took about 75g.

Is it hugely decadent to knit socks with this yarn? Maybe. They are sooo soft, but I think durability factor will be nil, so these will probably end up being "bum around the house" socks.

As the work mountain reduces to a small hillock I'm gradually getting round to catching up on all the blogs I read, so if I haven't commented on yours for a while, apologies. At some point I also need to try and catch up with the Knittyboard ABC along. We seem to now be at "L", and I don't think I've posted anything since "J". Maybe tomorrow...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Socks That Really Do Rock!!

Postie brought me a surprise gift from Soapy

Aren't they beautiful? This Socks That Rock yarn is something else. Really soft, but at the same time the socks feel really substantial if you know what I mean. See the G&S Marine thingy she also sent? This has me a bit stumped. I'm thinking cup holder, but I could be totally wrong! Soapy??

Michelle was worried that the fit wouldn't be right, but look

Could they fit me more perfectly? I don't think so! They are lovely and snug - just how I like my socks.

There is something so wonderful about receiving a hand knitted gift. Every time I look at these I think of the hours of work that went into them - it's such a precious gift, it means so much more than something bought from a shop.

I have to say as well that this girl really can knit socks!

Aren't they neat? I can only aspire to knitting socks as good as these.

Thank you sooooo much Michelle. These are going to take pride of place in my sock drawer!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The boy done good

Back and recovered from the last two shows.

Last week was Stafford County and we went with our hopes not too high, as we knew several top breeders would be there. After looking round all the goats on Tuesday evening I came to the conclusion that if we were placed in the top six in the classes we were in we'd have done well.

Wednesday morning dawned bright and sunny, but chilly. We had been up since 5, which was when the roadsweeper came past the trailer, and as I had still been awake at 2, I was a bit bleary eyed!

The goats did us proud. Little Smiley won his class, the yearling buck, and we also got second and third in the adult doe, and second in the yearling doe. Smiley was just pipped at the post for Supreme Champion, quite deservedly, by a lovely adult doe with two kids. It was definitely the right decision, as the doe had "proved" herself, whereas Smiley may be young and beautiful, but for all we know he may have no lead in his pencil. We were dead chuffed that he got Reserve Supreme Champion though, and he caused quite a stir. The judge wanted to buy him, as did a couple of the other breeders (he's not for sale!!). One breeder, whose opinion we rate very highly said he'd never seen a yearling buck with such fine fleece. He gave Smiley a thorough examination and said his fleece is still superfine kid mohair - what you'd normally only expect to see on a kid aged up to 6 months.

Sunday was Rutland show. We weren't up against such stiff competition, but nevertheless it was a bit embarassing as we pretty much swept the board, winning yearling buck (and got second place too), yearling doe, adult doe (and second), progeny group, and second in the maiden doe.

We also won Best Yearling, and Breed Champion (Smiley) and Reserve Yearling, and Reserve Breed Champion (Minerva)!

We came home with 3 trophies and lots of rosettes. Smiley was magnificent

All of the show goats are really settling in to the showing now. Even the kids who we are taking with their mums are taking it all in their stride

Cobweb and her daughters relaxing after a hard morning's showing!

Smiley chilling and ready to bask in the adoration of his public.

Next up is the Breed Show at Three Counties (Malvern) on 16/17 June. We really will be up against the best of the best there so it will be interesting to see how we do.

On the knitting front I'm enjoying socks and more socks. I still haven't found anything else to inspire me, but for the time being I'm happy with socks!

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